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Brochure / Flyer / Pamphlet design

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Even if you’re not a designer there are some things that you need to know about getting a Flyer / Brochure / Postcard / Pamphlet designed.

Plan Your Content

Organize your information.

  • What is required?
  • What are your goals?
  • Who’s your Audience
  • see our Design Brief

What text and how should I arrange it on my Flyer?

Should have more information that your average presentation slide, that doesn’t mean you should go crazy with the content, less is more.
Don’t have large chunks of text, very few people are going to glance at it for more than a half of a second. They’ll only see that it looks like a lot of work to sort through and move on. Your goal then should be to distill all of the necessary information into easily-digestible chunks. Throw out anything that you don’t really need and look for ways to make what you do need more concise. Making your information concise doesn’t mean you should fill the flyer with fifty-seven bullet points. Bullets are great, but amateur designers are quite prone to going nuts with them. If you’re using bullet points as an easy-to-read and understand way to distribute your information, you’re on the right track. If you’re using them as a crutch because you don’t know how else to design a flyer, you need to rethink your strategy.
Images tell a thousand words

Spend some time looking for the right images.

We all know that clip-art is pretty cheesy and often completely horrid, but there are other options. Fortunately, the web is a wonderland of free resources if you know where to look. Search the following sites:

  • Flickr Creative Commons
  • istockphoto
  • bigstockphoto
  • dreamstime
  • Stock.xchng
  • thinkstockphotos
  • za.fotolia
  • gettyimages

Important tips:

  • keep all your key copy at least 5mm from the trim edge
  • work at 300dpi for best image reproduction
  • ensure you maintain a minimum size for your typography to maintain legibility
  • design in CMYK – use your colour effectively and not randomly
  • ensure you provide a bleed as specified by your printer. This is commonly 3mm, but can be 5mm
  • avoid using a straightforward border around the entire of the Flyer / Brochure/ Postcard / Pamphlet, as this will show up any misalignment in the trim
  • use clever folds and odd sizes to catch you audiences’ attention
  • Make sure the typeface is easily readable.
  • make sure you’ve double-checked every single detail before giving the go ahead to print, Check twice, print once

Don’t panic our design team have done this before and will make sure you get the product you want and the product your audience will love!